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    Jeep Cherokee – The History of a Marvellous Automobile

    Jeep Cherokee - The History of a Marvellous Automobile

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    I cannot try to remember a time when I didn’t don’t forget seeing a Jeep Cherokee on the road. It appears like they have been about because the SUV was first made. The truth is that they did not hit the road till 1974. The Cherokee was regarded a downsized version of your Jeep Wagoneer. The two autos had been remarkably equivalent. The Cherokee was the sportier from the two. They shared more with the identical traits of the Wagoneer, including the engine selections along with the dimensions. The major difference between the two was that the Cherokee was much less highly-priced. In 1974, the Cherokee was only readily available within a two door. The two door incorporated exactly the same wheelbase and length because the Wagoneer. The four door didn’t join the line until 1977. 

    In 1984, most American made cars had been downsized to meet their customer needs. The Cherokee was no different. The Jeep Cherokee that was released in 1984 did not share anything with its predecessor, expect for the name. The vehicle had a shorter wheelbase. The wheelbase was just over 7 inches shorter than the older models. The overall length was also 21 inches shorter. The Cherokee was also a much lighter vehicle. The Cherokee weighted in at around 3,100 pounds, which is over 1,000 pounds lighter. Being lighter made the vehicle a lot more fuel efficient, and easier to maneuver on road and off. The lighter jeep Cherokees have been well received by the general public. This propelled Jeep into the leader spot in the four wheel drive market. 

    In 1985, the Lardo was added to the Jeep Cherokee family. The Laredowas a trim version with the Cherokee. The vehicle included upgrades; such as plush interior, alloy wheels and chrome grille treatment. … READ MORE

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    Getting Around Asia on Holiday: What Transport Options are Best?

    When you’re on holiday doing a pan-Asian trip, the question comes up about transportation. Should it be on four wheels, or two? Should you hire a car, rent a bike, or use different forms of local transport to get around?

    Getting Around Asia on Holiday: What Transport Options are Best?


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    Here we explore your options.

    Renting a Motorcycle/Scooter

    In Asia, it’s possible to get a rental bike Chiang Mai based or elsewhere in Asia for a reasonable cost. The price is usually not based on the miles driven but revolves around a daily or weekly rental cost where you pay for the petrol. You’re also usually expected to return the bike with roughly the same amount of petrol as it was rented with, so it’s useful to make a note of this.

    While it’s referred to as a motorcycle, what you have is essentially a 50cc to 125cc scooter (that’s what Italians would call it anyway). Most of the locals do just fine with a 100-125cc model; the 50cc models have a limited speed and aren’t built for longer rides.

    When renting any bike, you want to take high-resolution digital photographs of it and discuss any noticeable scratches or marks on the bike before renting. This way, if these are noticed when the bike is returned, you have documented proof that they were present at the time of rental and aren’t new damage. Also, make sure that you rent from a respected rental operation that’s been in business for a good few years to avoid any problems.

    Renting a Car

    Big car rental firms like Avis are present in many destinations around the world including across Asia. They’re mostly located in airports with booths set up rather than in the city centre.

    Renting a vehicle is a more serious commitment than with a bike. Driving on … READ MORE

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    How To Choose The Right Tow Truck Service

    The sight of a tow truck is never a good sign for a driver, it means one of two things that you have either broken down and become stranded or you have been involved in a collision. Tow truck companies have evolved with the times offering modern vehicles that make the process a much simpler and safer one than before, allowing for just about any type of vehicle to be towed easily and effectively. Choosing a tow truck company is far more than just dialing a number anymore, as various attributes make a tow company the right choice for your vehicle.

    How To Choose The Right Tow Truck Service

    When you begin your search for a tow truck company inspect the services that the company offers because every company is going to be different in what they offer. Do you need a flatbed tow truck, and does the company charge more to do an out of town tow? These are things that you’ll want to look for before you settle on one tow company because you don’t want to get hit with high overages. Every tow truck company has some sort of service that they specialize in, and you’ll want to see if this service lines up with your needs.

    Any towing company garden grove ca will have a reputation which is an important factor to check when you are going to settle on a tow truck service, and the research process begins with reading the reviews online. A reputable service should have verifiable reviews of their past clients online where you can see them, and these reviews will give you a better idea of what kind of company you are going to be dealing with. Tow truck service providers help thousands of customers throughout the year, thus there should be some sort of reviews online that you … READ MORE

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    Getting the Most out of an Electric Car

    Electricians tend to have a slightly different way of looking at the world. One of the most important points is that they’re obviously quite interested in increasing the number of things they can directly modify. This is one of the less commonly discussed aspects of the gradual migration to electric cars.

    Getting the Most out of an Electric Car

    Most people tend to frame the discussion around pollution. And to be sure, that is the major draw for most people interested in electric cars. But it’s important to keep in mind that the history of the electric car stretches far beyond the point where people were concerned with the subject. Many of the people who were, and continue, to work on electric cars are insistent that it’s simply the superior technology.

    And this is one of the drives which has brought many electricians to the table. They’re working hard to both uses and develop aspects of the electric car simply because they feel it’s the best path forward. This might not be perfectly clear from an outside perspective. But one can view it from a few different angles.

    One of the more practical is the simple fact that electric cars can use common and standardized resources for fuel. Anyone can set up an electric car charging station Michigan. That means tapping into the local infrastructure of Michigan. Likewise, one could do the same for the unique power grids of Ohio, California, Oregon or any other state. Any quirk of the local system is just a minor variation in a standard. Now compare that to the difficulty of conveying and refining fuel for a vehicle.

    This means that someone with experience with electricity, such as an electrician, can jump into this industry easily. But there are other aspects which make a lot of sense from a future-facing … READ MORE

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    5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Mitsubishi

    Mitsubishi has become one of the biggest companies on Earth, with some of the most common cars all around the world.  It is almost a century old company, and is responsible for many innovations in the automobile industry. This article will thus enlist 5 of the most surprising facts about the company that you probably don’t know about.

    1) The Company Is Huge

    From its foundation in 1917, the company has evolved from a small entity to a huge multi-national corporation. It has now established its presence in more than 160 countries around the world, and continually expanding. And is the 16th largest automotive manufacturer in the world.  It has certainly made its presence known in the world, and personally, I’ve never passed 1-2 streets without seeing any sort of Mitsubishi vehicle.

    2) Story Behind The Logo

    Most companies have logos which clearly describe the company’s message, contain its initials or the like. However, Mitsubishi’s logo consisting of three triangles is unique in that sense.

    The logo was originally created for the shipbuilding shipping company, which was its predecessor, and was trademarked in 1914 for Mitsubishi. The three triangles are meant to signify a water chestnut.

    The word for three in Japanese is ‘mitsu’, and the word for water chestnut is ‘bishi’. Hence, the company’s name ‘Mitsubishi’ was derived from the logo.

    3) Mitsubishi’s Own Electric Car

    One fact that many people might not know is that Mitsubishi was one of the first companies to manufacture an electric car. And not just any electric car. The car, which was introduced in 1992, was the first electric car which was able to travel 2000 km in less than 24 hours. It went on to sell 10k units, and this achievement was also included in Guinness Book Of World Records.

    4) READ MORE

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    The Art of Picking your Own Wheels: Essential Tips to Remember

    Whether you have been a grease monkey all your life or you are still a student trying to impress cute college girls, there is no doubt that picking a new car can become so difficult. You need to consider a lot of factors before you come up with a final decision. Although, personal preferences are always the most important, car buyers need to go beyond brand names and designs.

    Before we can get any further with this, let us learn right off the bat that the automobile market doesn’t experience dearth of any form. On the contrary, with the numerous car dealerships currently existing across Canada and anywhere else in the world, buyers won’t have a problem scouting for a new set of wheels.

    Still, buyers will always have issues with car dealerships. And although they can always vouch for cars that fit their aesthetic tastes and mirror their lifestyle, buyers will still need to make sure that their purchases are excellent performance-wise.

    To ensure you get the most out of your deals, you need to know how best to approach a car dealership. While an article has found out that at least 57 percent of automobile buyers say they have positive experiences with car dealerships, this doesn’t change the fact that people should always keep a few important things in mind before hitting the local dealership.

    Here are are some of the points you should consider:

    1. Your goals

    Buying a car is a process. As such, it is essential to take go through the essential steps before you can come up with a decision. Of course, the first step has always involved identifying what car you want. But while you can always dream of having your own Ferrari, you still have to make sure the type of car you … READ MORE