Beware Of These Obnoxious And Rude Drivers

Beware Of These Obnoxious And Rude Drivers

I used to have a grueling daily commute of 20 miles on one of the busiest interstates in the U.S; the infamous 405 freeway in Southern California. It was extremely tiring, emotionally draining and, traffic was customarily moving along at five miles per hour but the worst part was dealing with rude and obnoxious drivers on the road. Top obnoxious driving behaviors include; driving like a turtle in the far left lane, cutting people off at the last minute in order to merge onto the freeway, failing to use turn signals and drivers yapping away on their cell phones.

Mr I’m Too Cool For Turn Signals

For some reason this person feels they are above using turn signals unlike normal people. Perhaps they are too important or above the law. For some reason the rules don’t apply to them.   However they have no problem driving like a snake in and out of traffic and expecting me to slow down while they cut me off. All cars come with turn signals for a reason. Use them. It’s really not that hard.

Slow Fast Lane Hogger

Slower traffic is supposed to keep to the right while the far left lane is meant for passing and it’s called the fast lane for a reason. There is nothing more aggravating than being in a hurry and getting stuck behind someone who thinks its OK to drive 40mph on the fast lane with a clear and open road ahead.  It completely defies all logic. The end result is that the entire lane gets backed up for miles with unsuspecting drivers stuck behind the lone slow driver.  I am sure that the driver is aware that I would like to pass, but for some reason he decides to just coast along while I’m stuck behind him.

Entitled Late Merger

This driver is too cool and important to wait in line with the rest of us in order to get on the freeway on-ramp. This individual feels its OK for them to just merge at the very last minute and will try to push his way in, just like a school bully.  I find this quite annoying, especially if I have been waiting patiently for my turn to enter the on-ramp and now this driver zooms out of nowhere and just expects me to let him pass? Dream on!

Mr And Ms Popular On Their Cell Phones

These are the popular and cool people with busy social lives who constantly have a cell phone glued to their head.  Apparently they are too cool to use a Bluetooth headset though and can be seen laughing and driving with one hand while holding their lifeline with the other hand.  It’s even worse when they are directly behind you and you have to drive in fear of whether they will hit you or not. Laws are in place for a reason; driving while chatting on a cell is highly dangerous. The only advice I can offer if you’re behind Mr Popular is to change lanes and get out of his way.