The Most Common Repair Needs of 5 Popular Automakers

When you’re on the hunt for a new car, it’s important to know the problems you might face down the road. We asked the expert mechanics at Alexander’s Import Auto Repair to tell us the most common repair needs of five popular automakers.

Common Subaru Repair Needs

Subaru’s are prone to head gasket failure. This feature of Subarus is due to boxer-style engine that’s found in nearly every Subaru on the road. Although head gasket replacement can be an expensive repair, it’s usually needed around the same time the timing belt is due to be replaced, meaning you’ll save on labor costs and kill two birds with one stone.

Honda Repairs Often Deal with Wear and Tear

Hondas are well made and experience relatively few issues as they age. For a handful of years in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Honda transmissions were a source of concern. The transmissions on these vehicles didn’t seem to last beyond around 150,000 miles. In newer Hondas this problem has been remedied, but it’s still a good idea to have your transmission fluid replaced around every 60,000 miles. Replacing transmission fluids helps keep your vehicle’s systems in top shape and decreases the chances of needing transmission repairs.

 When it Comes to BMWs, Your Mileage May Vary

BMWs tend to vary from car to car when it comes to repair needs. Some vehicles will need their oil pan gasket replaced at 60,000 miles, while the next car won’t need it until 120,000 miles. With BMWs, it truly comes down to the individual vehicle and how it’s driven. However, there is one common problem found across different BMW models we’ll touch on.

As they age, BMWs become prone to electrical issues. Whether the issues are the lights, a control module, or another oxygen sensor (they have at least four) will again depend on the car. It should also be noted that, like Subarus, BMWs have been prone to gasket issues.

 Mercedes Benz Require High-Tech Tuneups

There’s no doubt Mercedes Benz is ahead of the curve when it comes to vehicle technology. The German luxury vehicle manufacturer is known for taking the time and resources needed to test and add new safety, vehicle monitoring, and convenience features to their vehicles as soon as possible.

This ongoing evolution means that more computers, called “control modules,” are present in each subsequent generation of Mercedes Benz vehicles. This advanced network of computers is prone to malfunction as Mercedes Benz vehicles age. Sometimes the fix can be as simple as a new sensor or updating the control modules. Other times, the control modules themselves need to be replaced.

Toyota Repair Needs: Few and Far Between

If there’s one thing Toyotas are known for, it’s longevity. Toyotas are extremely well made, and relatively easy to maintain.There are a few issues that come with Toyotas, but many of them are inexpensive to repair.

Like all vehicles, once Toyotas reach a certain age they become more likely to experience oil leaks. Many Toyotas will leak from the timing chain tensioner o-ring, but again, this is an inexpensive repair. As well as they’re made, they aren’t immune to wear and tear on components like brakes and tires, and may need fluid replacement after many miles of use. Play it safe and prevent the need for more serious repairs by taking your Toyota in for regular scheduled maintenance like oil changes and brake checks.