Things You Need to Know About Industrial Hand Tools

Things You Need to Know About Industrial Hand Tools

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Hand tools are equipment that are primarily used for executing repair works. These instruments are used to perform particular jobs, which does not require a motor. They are designed to perform a variety of hand-held operations that can be performed by an individual. The industrial hand tools come with added features and functionalities. These equipment are widely used in construction, cutting, installing, repairing and adjusting materials. These high-end equipment are designed to make physical tasks performance less tedious and more manageable. Also, these tools enable you to perform the tasks in a short period of time.

Industrial hand tools are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials. Common materials used for manufacturing these equipment are iron, steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel and mild steel. Handles of these equipment are usually made of wood and plastic. Industrial hand tools are used in several industries, including railways, automobile, mining, steel, thermal power plants, atomic power plants, oil and gas, petrochemicals, cement plants, construction & engineering, agriculture, plumbing and turbine manufacturing industry.

Hand-held equipment are also widely used in gardening. These tools are used for trimming flowers and fixing fences. Hand-held equipment like lawnmowers are useful in trimming and cutting grass. They help you to get a neat and beautiful garden. Trimming and cutting grass may otherwise take hours. A lawnmower enables you to trim and cut grass at a faster pace.

Industrial hand tools are classified on the basis of the type of task they are used to execute. These tools are categorized in two main categories, including hammering, striking and driving equipment and cutting, gripping and pinching equipment. These equipment can be also classified as manual tools, pneumatic tools and electrically powered hand tools.

Few commonly used industrial hand tools are hammers, wrenches, axes, hoes, wedges, drift pins, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, punches, tool boxes, angle grinders, shears, tappers, fasteners, chippers, electric drills, chisels, scissors, sander, chop saw, hole saw, miter saw, chain saws, and jig saw. Sander is a hand equipment, which is used to smoothen the edges and surface of wooden objects. The equipment gives the wooden objects a smooth finish. It also gives the wooden material the required texture and pattern. The advanced models of the sanding equipment come with a bag. The bag is used to trap the dust produced by the sanding process. This helps to keep the work place clean. Further, tape measure is another important hand-held tool. It prevents you from cutting materials at a wrong length. Wire cutters are widely used by electricians for cutting and stripping electrical wires.